Saturday 6 September 2014

Project 365 Days 243 - 249

We've done it.

We've survived the first week of living at my mums house and we've surivived the first week back at school.

We made the most of the last few days of the Summer holidays, trips to Dover Castle, playing at the park, lovely dinners out.

Then normal routine resumed and the dreaded alarm wake call returned.

Gracie after initial nerves took to school like a duck to water.

And today I celebrate six years of being married to Daddy Hazelden.

On to this weeks project 365 round up….

Day 243

Today was the last day on our English Heritage cards so we decided to visit Dover castle again. Surprisingly we still found things that we's not seen before.

Day 244

Settling into living at nannie's saw some funny night time antics.

Day 245

Making the most of the last day of the Summer holidays, enjoying the sunshine.

Day 246

This day had to be for Gracie, her first ever day at school.

Day 247

Afternoon puzzling, whilst Layla showed just how small she is by sitting in nannie's cupboard.

Day 248

Today was a mixed bag, Elise loves to read whatever time of the day, Freya with a beaming smile at 6 in the morning, Gracie made herself a new hat with a book and apparently Layla is ready to start school ;)

Day 249

A spot of drawing before breakfast.


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  1. Gracie looks so grown up! Would love to visit Dover Castle, must add it to the list of things to see! #365

  2. Im glad you have settled into your mum honey its so hard to make that transition. I am glad Gracie has taken to it like a duck to water

  3. Aww she looks so cute on her first day photo. They all seem so small when they start school. Happy anniversary!

  4. We loved Dover Castle when we visited. She looks adorable in her school uniform - hope it went well xx

  5. I'm pleased you've settle in ok with your mum. Gracie's first day at school picture is so cute xx

  6. I so wish my children had beaming smiles at 6 in the morning. Gracie looks so smart in her new uniform. I hope it all went well, my daughter started too and she loves it. Congratulations on six years xx

  7. A veey busy and stressful week but you've survived. Well done lovely.

  8. Some lovely images!! How cute does Gracie look in her uniform! Hope she enjoyed her first day! :) x

  9. Love the drawing photo at the bottom, such combined photo. Also the photos of Dover Castle look wonderful (and your OH is a hottie!)

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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