Friday 5 September 2014

Teething Over Time

Teething is one of those things that I think us as parents dread.

Noone wants to see their child in pain and I think we can totally sympathise with them, I mean wisdom teeth, one word, ouch!!

Knowing how to soothe our little ones can be tricky and I know my methods have changed with each child, it has always been a case of trial and error.

I was extremely lucky with my eldest child, I honestly never knew she was teething until she bit me one day.

This however lulled me into a false sense of security because when my 2nd child began the cutting her first teeth, boy did I know about it.

There were a lot of tell tell signs, excessive dribbling, red cheeks, constant chewing of hands.

Those were the days when I relied on Calpol, Bonjela and teething powders.

amber teething bracelet
With daughter number 3 I discovered amber teething bracelets and anklets, I was skeptical at first but the week when she broke one and didn't have any amber on was tough on all of us, she cried a lot!!

Another thing I began to use was teething necklaces.

This was extremely handy because I wore Gracie in a carrier a lot of the time and this was something that not only relieved some of her discomfort but kept her entertained at the same time.

Now Layla is my last child and I think she has made it her mission to out do her sisters on every single front.

I tried all the methods I used with her older sisters, the only thing that made any sort of difference was the amber anklet but when her back molars began coming in, the sleepless nights and crying became more frequent.

Then I heard about Camilia.

This is a homeopathic, natural remedy which not only helps to relieve teething pain but other symptoms such as swollen gums too.

This medicine can be used for babies from as young as 1 month old (teething can start early) and comes in sterile single dose containers.

As with all medicines it is recommended that you always read the label before using but I can tell you that Camilia contains : purified water, Phytolacca decandra 5c which is meant to soothe painful gums, Cahamomilla vulagaris 9c to relieve pain and Rheum Officinale 5c.

I liked that it was all natural and I think all parents would be happy to know that it contains no artificial colouring, no preservatives and no sugars.

It seemed to work wonders, she began sleeping through the night again and was a lot less fussy during the day.

Now I don't know if those teeth have actually broke through yet as she refuses to let me check but Layla has definitely been a much happier babys since using Camilia.

What methods have you used for relieving the symptoms of teething or are you yet to find something that works??


This post is in collabaration with Camilia however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. My 5 month old son is teething at the moment and quite badly at that. To be honest we've only tried the usual calpol, teething gel and teether toys but I've been debating get a teething necklace as he's always grabbing at my hair and anything else he can get his little hand on lol


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