Monday 29 September 2014

Read With Me #39

Hey there. Welcome to this weeks Read With Me. This week I've not only enjoyed reading a couple of books in the peace and quiet of my bedroom but I have also loved sitting down and reading with my children both altogether and one on one with each of my daughter's.

read with me
My personal favourite book this week was by one of my favourite authors, Rebecca Donovan.

Her latest release, What If, is a beautifully written story which is truly heartwarming, filled with many layers of emotion, it keeps you guessing until the end!!

My kids decided their favourite book was I Want To Be A Witch by Ian Cunliffe, I will have a review of this up on the blog soon so keep and eye out for it.

And the post I recommend you read from last weeks link up is over on Carole Finds Her Wings.  Carole recommends one of her favourite series from her childhood, Animal Ark. It sounds perfect for children and I think I may have to look into buying some for my kids so that I can get a chance to read them too!!
Now on to what we are all here for, the link up. New to #readwithme? see what it is all about right here. Regular linker? You know what to do, link up your chosen post, comment on a couple of other posts (share the love) and kindly link back or display my badge.


Happy reading.


  1. I actually reviewed a book this week! Am busy reading a massive tome so been pants at reviewing other books I've read (always more than one on the go!)
    Thanks for hosting!

    1. aaaa thanks for linking up. See I read too many and then forget to review. lol

  2. An old review but my termite has discovered and is loving this book this week

  3. Thanks for hosting. Will add badge when at pc later - html is a royal pain when on the mobile! Xx

  4. Great idea, I am often looking for book recommendations. Thanks for linking to Linked hope to see you again next week


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