Tuesday 30 September 2014

T is for …. Time

This weeks alphabet project sees us reaching letter number 20, that's letter T. The first thing that sprung to mind apart from a cup of tea was time.

Time is something that plays a huge part in all of our lives.

Be it telling the time on a clock or watch.

Or when using a figure of speech saying that time just seems to fly by and belive me it really does.


Time is something that we either have too much or too little of.

When you are younger, time isn't thought about, that's left up to the grown ups.

When you're older, time is a subject thought about often. Time for daily tasks, the countdown to bed time, days left to do the things we want in life.

I think I've come to the conclusion the time is precious, those seconds, minutes and hours are all moments when we should be making the most of everything, even if some of those moments are spent reflecting on events/milestones that have made us smile.



  1. Time is weird isn't it. I'm always complaiing that I don't have enough time and at the same time, it is slipping through my fingers as my babies grow bigger and change. One thing is for sure though, time is precious and we should all try and make the most of it! x

    1. so very tru kerrie, think a lot of us forget this sometimes!! x


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