Saturday 4 October 2014

Project 365 Days 271 - 277

October has arrived, less than 3 months of project 365 for this year to go!!

This week has been filled with lots of positives for a change.

Layla has now managed over a week of using the potty like a big girl, only a couple of accidents, although I have to say I am slightly sad as this seems like the last transition from baby to toddler.

We've also had good news on the house front, after 3 failed purchases, we've finally had a mortgage offer issued on a lovely 4 bedroom house, the only downside we are now in a chain so the waiting game begins.

Onto the photos….

Day 271

Visit to Nannie Hazel's house, good job she has a good toy collection for them to play with.

Day 272

Freya loves to draw and today she'd been reading goldilocks and the three bears so decided to draw what she'd read. Elise was hiding behind a book (no surprise there) and Gracie turned into a nurse looking after a poorly snotty Layla.

Day 273

We made s'mores which although sticky were well enjoyed!!

Day 274

A mixed bag, Freya was busy looming, a spot of climbing on the school run and Layla was chilling with the iPad whilst feeling poorly with a continuing snotty nose and temperature.

Day 275

Looking at my girls and realising just how quickly they are growing up.

Day 276

Mixed day of photos. My kids showing off their individuality.

Day 277

Treat dinner today, the girls are now queens of the burger!!


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  1. Love the glasses and the funny faces the girls pull. The 'piercings' look like Mumma's! ;) #365

  2. I love Gracie looking after Layla, and the s'mores look amazing. Can't believe how grown up they all are! #365

  3. good news on the potty front! i love the fake piercings! lol lol xx

  4. aaaahhhhhh at Gracie and Layla, sometimes older siblings are great when you feel rotten and mummy does not have all to sit. I guess on day 272 Elise was not wanting her picture taken. Nice to get out for a treat for tea every now and then.
    Love the doll on the potty

  5. Yay for finding a house, hope the chain moves quickly for you

  6. Such an exciting week...potty training and house...ekkkk I'm so excited for you

  7. You have the most gorgeous girls hun. Honestly. They always look so happy and smiley. Is that last one giving you an insight to the piercings she wants when shes older? Ha! Your in trouble, lol x #365

  8. They're always so smiley, it must lift your heart!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  9. Gorgeous girls you have :)



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