Saturday 11 October 2014

Project 365 Days 278 - 284

This week has certainly felt more like Winter. The days have bought with them lots of wind, rain and cold temperatures.

One word for this week, layers.

The jumpers, coats and blankets have been dusted off.

But the advantage of all this bad weather, lots of snuggling has been done.

All this means that this weeks Project 365 sees a lot of indoor pictures…..

Day 278

A morning spent building and creating.

Day 279

The girls all keep themselves busy, you wouldn't believe that it was so cold with what Elise decided to wear to bed.

Day 280

A new Barbie toy arrived which had all the girls playing together nicely for a change.

Day 281

Freya and Gracie are both learning cursive writing, lots of practicing going on. Elise was engrossed with the news and Layla like usual found her way into my bed.

Day 282

The girls have been testing out the latest meals from Little Dish.

Day 283

Decided that I wanted to get more pictures of the girls together, this was this weeks end result.

Day 284

Blankets are always fun right? Well except for the eldest when she's trying to escape mummy taking photos of her…

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  1. Lol, love the photo of all four girls together on the bed pulling faces! #365

  2. Love the blanket tents, too cute.
    We've been having fun with out Barbie delivery too x

  3. Love your group shot of the girls. 7yo does similar faces when I want a photo.

  4. Love how kids just don't feel the cold at all lol. The new Barbie toy looks interesting, and Mega Bloks are always good fun. #365

  5. It really is getting cold isn't it! Lovely pictures x #project365

  6. Some happy family fun going on there.

  7. snuggling is a massive bonus for the colder weather!


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