Wednesday 12 November 2014

I Always Wanted A Barbie House

Now I don't know about you but when it comes to getting the kids toys I may be a little cheeky and buy things that I may have wanted when I was younger or things that I'd enjoy playing with them. So when I was asked if I would like to review the new Barbie Malibu House I had to hold back from screaming yes because I always wanted one but Santa never bought me one.

Price at £99.99, this two storey, six room house comes complete with beautifully stylish furniture and accessories, as well as stickers to decorate and make it your own. You are definitely getting a lot of toy for your money!!

barbie malibu house

I have to admit when I opened the box and saw what I needed to put together, I thought I would be there for hours but this was not the case. The instructions are clear and precise and most parents will be delighted to know that there are no fiddly screws to do up and no batteries in sight. I'd say it took me around 20 minutes to have it ready for play.

barbi malibu house pieces

When fully built it felt sturdy so although plastic, I would say the house will be long lasting.

This house is quite big. If you look at the picture below, it shows that the house is virtually as tall as my 2 year old but don't let this panic you.

barbie malibu house

During the times when this stunning mansion isn't being played with, it cleverly folds in on itself, taking up very little space. There are two latches on one side that keep the house safely locked up, my 4 year old actually commented that when folded away the house looked like Rapunzel's tower.

barbie malibu house when folded

The feature that stood out the most was the spiral staircase. My youngest was automatically drawn to it, she spent hours walking her dolls and ponies up and down it, she didn't notice the special lift that you can attach your doll too, a very hi tech house ;)  I love the fish aquarium that extends from bottom to top floor.

These stairs lead to some maginificent rooms.

Upstairs there is the lounge where you can sit and chill on the plush sofa.  You can even plug in compatible phones so that your Barbie can watch 'real TV'. I would recommend that parents supervise when a phone is plugged in but it is a brilliant, modern feature.

Then there's the bedroom/walk in closet and shower. I loved that this room was changeable, lots for the imagination to run wild with.

And of course the upstairs wouldn't be complete without the toilet, I mean even Barbie needs to wee.

I liked that a lot of the furniture and accessories actually clicked into place, less likely to lose any of the smaller pieces.

barbie malibu house accessories

No detail has been left out, there's even an opening oven and a fridge in the kitchen.

Although the great thing is with the added accessories and furniture, your children can turn each room into whatever they like. The game play is endless. Below is a short snippet showing the imagination of my toddler.

Although girlie looking, this house can certainly be enjoyed by both boys and girls and I can see just why it is a favourite for Christmas this year.

inside of barbie malibu house

This really is a dream house. I wouldn't say no to living there. Hours of fun for all the kids, a new game each time you open up the doors. Everyone should have the chance to own a Barbie house!!


Disclaimer : I was sent this item FOC however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Ohhh my gosh that looks amazing. I always wanted a dolls house when I was little and I never got one. I did have a super duper toy kitchen but it wasn't the same. Sigh ;). This looks amazing!! I'd probably sit cross legged in front of it for hours!

  2. That looks fantastic! I had a Barbie house when I was a kid but it wasn't as good as this one....hehehe x

  3. I loved barbie when I was younger and I got a barbie house and it was the best present ever but a few weeks after Xmas my brother thought it would be funny to do a rolly polie off my bed and landed on my house and squashed it I was devastated! I use to buy my oldest barbie everything when she was younger just so I could play with them with her & I can't wait untill my youngest daughter is old enough for toys like this as I so want this house for her x


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