Saturday 13 December 2014

Elf Update

Wow another week has flown by. I suppose it is time for another elf update, just what mischief has Buddy been getting himself into this week??

On day 6 it took a while to find Buddy, he'd managed to get himself into the fridge, obviously in need of a midnight snack.

elf on the shelf in fridge

On day 7 the girls received a lovely surprise on Sunday, they woke up to find a delicious North Pole breakfast, filled with Christmas tree waffles, Santa fruits and strawberry milkshake with candy cane looking straws.

elf on the shelf north pole breakfast

It was about time our elf had a bath on day 8 …. in marshmallows??

elf on the shelf marshmallow spa

Naughtly little Buddy made a mess of the stairs on day 9, who taught him to tee pee??

elf on the shelf toilet roll down stairs

The mischievous monkey redeemed himself slightly on day 10, we found him colouring quietly on the sofa.

elf on the shelf colouring

No Chrismas is complete without a new Christmas themed book, Buddy just happened to read it before the girls on day 11.

elf on the shelf reading

father christmas comes up trumps

 Movie night, of course Buddy's favourite fil is Elf and snacks were needed.

elf on the shelf movie night


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  1. Love the ideas. We've done the marshmallow bath and the rolling down the stairs in toilet roll. I am going to borrow your idea of hiding in the fridge though, that's great.


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