Friday 12 December 2014

Things To Know When Buying a House

So todays the day, we are finally moving into our new forever home after living with my mum for almost 4 months. Along our journey of buying a house I have learnt a few things which I thought I'd share with you all.

Estate agents are not to be trusted.

Estate agents will lie.

Estate agents will tell you what you want to hear.

Estate agents do not actually want to help you.

I think you can see that there is a running theme to my all seeing all knowing knowledge that I've gathered.

Honestly they tell you that buying a house is one of the most stressful things that you'll do and I whole heartedly agree. A simple process turns into a long drawn out, prolonged journey that results in lots of angry and inpatient people who just aren't communicated with like they should be.

When we agreed to put an offer in on our now home, we were told that we were jumping in and filling a gap but the chain was well progressed so we should be in quick sharpish. Something which we needed as Justin's job status was soon to change and that could affect our mortgage offer.

Two months down the line, we start hearing of problems with solar panels, an issue that should have already been dealt with before we joined the chain, the same issue carried on for weeks with no resolve.

Couple of weeks later a solar panel issue turns into a divorce issue, a divorce that we knew nothing about but had actually been going on the whole time.

We'd been basically manipulated into putting an offer in and lied to in the mean time, we were solving their problem but they were making us extremely nervous.

Our sales progresser at the estate agents was then told she wasn't allowed to be involved because of the lies she told, so we now had a sales progressor who wasn't actually able to do anything, handy right.

I'm sure everyone loved us, solicitors, estate agents and the people we were buying the house from were then getting weekly phone calls to try and speed things up, this I recommend everyone do. You may think you're being annoying but it ensures that you don't get put to the bottom of the pile. 3 weeks later and we were exchanging, hooray.

Now I know your thinking that really it happened quite quickly and I suppose compared to some it did but when you're living out of suitcases at your mums house, it seems like triple the time.

Atleast if we decided to sell/buy later on down the line we can go in with our eyes wide open and know to take anything the estate agents said with a pinch of salt!!!


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  1. what a hassle you had!!! Iam so glad it turned out positive and you are finally in your very own house and can enjoy christmas with your family!! Well i am keeping your tips in mind when we start hunting for our hopefully very own forever house too next year after the wedding!! x


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