Friday 9 January 2015

How Not To Take a Couples Photo

I am not the best person to take pictures of, I tend to be the one behind the camera, however every so often I do get the urge to have a nice photo taken, you know for those all important profile pictures!! Now when I say I'm not that photogenic my dear husband likes to take it to another level, he's not one to strike a serious pose so taking a couples photo is even more difficult than getting a good old selfie of just me.

We were out for dinner the other night with some friends of ours so we took the opportunity to have one of them take our photo.

Here's a few images you don't want to be capturing :

The I've gone to sleep one.

The we've had far too much to drink look.


The nervously laughing because we don't quite know how to pose shot.

In the end this was the best one we could come up with, we'll call it from a distance kind of blurry photo.

Now I should say my husband and I aren't the only ones at fault for our crappy photos, oh no, seems you need a decent photographer to get those all important shots, I won't name names but you know who you are ;) ;)

So there's my tips on how not to take a couples photo so who's got some tips on how to take a good couples shot??


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