Saturday 17 January 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 3

Week 3 Project 365. So what have we been up to this week?

Well my weight loss journey has continued, I've kept up the healthy eating and exercise and even bought some more weights, workout clothing and exercise dvds.

The girls have been busy at school. Elise started going to Lego club this week, it was nice for her to have some time away from her sisters. And Gracie is finally starting to recognise her numbers properly which is a huge achievement for her and a proud moment for me.

While at home the improvements continue, new carpet has been laid where it desperately needed it, more pictures have been hung and Elise finally got her bedroom sorted with a shiny new bed to boot.

Day 11

This weeks attempt at a group photo, there's always one that looks the wrong way!!

Day 12

Carpets have been ripped up ready for the new ones to be put down on Thursday.

Day 13

New shoes. Gracie and Freya have parties to go to this weekend and they have both grown out of their previous 'pretty shoes' so they both got early birthday presents which consisted of these stylish pairs of shoes :)

Day 14

Lego building. I mean who doesn't love fiddling around with Lego.

Day 15

New carpets in and Elise finally got her bedroom back and a nice new bed to sleep in.

Day 16

Evening antics. Friday night is movie night and this is what ended up happening.

Day 17

Run day. With my new workout clothes on I set out this morning to better my previous weeks run. I run 0.5 km further, not too much further but certainly showing the all the effort I'm putting in is definitely working.


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  1. Great photos!
    I struggle to get a photo with my two both looking the right day....Well done you! 3 out of 4 is an achievement! Those shoes are just fabulous!!

  2. A busy week. Yay to new carpets and new shoes.
    Well done keeping up the exercise hunny, I've been awful with mine

  3. Love the new bed and carpets, and Gemma is very jealous of the sparkly shoes!

  4. Good luck with the new carpet! Well done on sticking with the exercise :)

  5. I love a good fiddle with the Lego too! The carpet grippers always scare so mind your toes on them! Well done on the running :)

  6. Lovely photo of all kids together! New carpets, yay! Well done on persevering with the exercise! And yes to Lego, in fact a big Yes. :)

  7. You can't beat lego can you, bet the carpet looks and feels great. I'd love to recarpet here this year #365

  8. A lego club, that sounds very interesting. Love the new party shoes, so pretty x

  9. Nice sparkly shoes, and must be wonderful to have the new carpet in.

    Good job on the exercise....I still haven't started mine yet. Starts afresh on Monday

  10. Hehe I love the pics where kids all look in random directions. Hope your new carpet is very lovely :) I love the new carpet smell!

  11. Carpets sound lovely, transforms the look of a space! Well done one the running.

  12. It's mission impossible getting all of them to look the same way isn't it, I feel your pain haha. Well done on your weight loss and keeping motivated! x

  13. well done on your run improvement! i am back on it again this year! and Active Family is back :-)

  14. Well done on the running...every little helps! Lovely picture of your four xx

  15. Great photos. Look at you skinny minnie in your running gear. Love the girls new shoes so pretty.

  16. Lovely sparkly shoes.
    Well done keeping up with your healthy living!

  17. well done on the extra 1/2 k, next week another 1/2 etc and its not long in building up. Those sparkly shoes are pretty, hope they enjoy the parties.
    Nice to see you are getting their bit by bit with the house, it will all come together eventually.


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