Friday 16 January 2015

Guide to Transforming Your Fire Surround

This year is all about home improvement. We bought our first home in December and now we are looking to do it up where we can. The theme I have in mind is blacks, whites and greys, a nice clean look. We are trying to do things on a budget and first up on the list was the fire surround in our living room. I wanted to transform it from the beech wood colouring to white and this post shows you just how easy it was to do.

1. Sand down the fire surround, get rid of any rough surfaces and then clean.

2. Cover the surround in two layers of primer, leaving around an hours drying time inbetween each coat.

3. Now for the real paint. For this next stage I used Dulux Once Satinwood in Brilliant White. The fire surround was actually covered in 2 coats but I opted to do a third coat do give it a nice glossy finish. I would advice leaving atleast 12 hours drying time between each coat.

Then you just need to decide how you want to dress your fire surround. I went for vintage looking accessories in an off white colouring.

And there we have it. A simple and relatively cheap transformation that really lightens the space up. 



  1. It looks fab. We have a hideous old fashioned dark brown surround. I'd quite like to have a go at painting it but I'm nervous it would just look worse lol.

    1. We've just painted some wardrobes purple as well, great way of saving money :)

  2. Love it - it looks fab, and so much more modern now! xx


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