Saturday 24 January 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 4

Can't believe we are already on to week 4 for project 365, this week has certainly been a chilly one. I would say it has been a quiet week, we've had rain, snow and plummeting temperatures so we've not ventured out much, although sometimes doing nothing can be refreshing.

Daddy Hazelden has been working all week, boo!!! This means I've had to walk everywhere, my hands have spent a lot of time feeling quite numb. However we did manage to get out for dinner last night to celebrate my birthday early as he'll be working on my actual birthday on Tuesday, boo again!!

We celebrated my mums birthday on Wednesday and tomorrow we will be celebrating Freya's birthday, how has she grown to be seven already??!! January is a busy month when it comes to birthdays.

Day 18

Freya was off to a friends birthday party, here she is striking a pose and looking far too old for my liking.

Day 19

This sums up the day, even my phone was cold!!

Day 20

Freya was helping Gracie to learn some of her words, a very helpful sister for a change.

Day 21

This weeks attempt at a group photo, such happy children ;)

Day 22

Making cupcakes ready for a certain daughters birthday on Sunday.

Day 23

Poor Layla has been struck down with a cold again so it was a day of blankets and cuddles

Day 24

I was doing a spot of early morning exercise and the children decided to join in.


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  1. We're all fighting coughs and sneezes here too :( Hope Layla is feeling better. Love that last shot of the exercising!

  2. Hope you have a great party tomorrow - girls seem to grow up way too quickly! Love the pic of the two of them doing spellings :)

  3. Lovely photo of the girls exercising :) Freya certainly does look very grown up in that first photo.

  4. The photo on the sofa made me laugh, different expressions from them all. I hope Layla feels better soon. Love the last photos x

  5. Awe, hope layla is better soon and Happy Birthday to Freya for tomorrow! Also Happy Birthday to you Chantelle for Tuesday. Hope you meal out was lovely xx

  6. I love the photo of the two girls on the bed studying and how grown up does Freya look in that first photo?! Poor Layla, I hope she gets well soon x #365

  7. Some lovely photos - Freya looks gorgeous and very grown up!


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