Friday 13 February 2015

Proud Mummy Moments

My kids make me proud on a daily basis just for being themselves but there are certain times that really stick out as "proud mummy moments", you know the ones where you want to tell everyone all about them.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a key stage one assembly because Gracie was going to receive a certificate from her teacher, at the time I didn't know what for and Gracie was unaware that she would be getting one.

Well on the day it turned into a two for one deal because Freya by accident ended up with a certificate too but I'll get to that in a minute.

Gracie has grown so much since starting school, her confidence has sky rocketed. She has gone from the baby/toddler who wouldn't let go of me and cried when left to a young girl who no longer needs to cling to me so I was so pleased when she got a certificate for just being her bright and bubbly self.

She really is a care free child, there isn't much that phases her anymore and I'm so proud of how independent she has become.  Happy playing by herself but just as happy within a group, as her teacher quite rightly said, she is a real chatterbox, she will literally talk your ear off but she will also be there to listen to her friends especially if they are feeling sad. It is so reassuring to know that her happiness continues from home to school, her smile is infectious and I hope it grows bigger as she gets older.

Now Freya, I feel she is old before her time, very adult like at times and she showed this attitude on that day.

Her teacher made a mistake, there are two Freyas in their class and instead of saying Freya Rose she just said Freya. My child being the confident one that she is got up to accept the certificate but it wasn't her that it was meant for.

This is where she showed herself to be really sensible because instead of getting upset, moody or perhaps moaning she just accepted her mistake and sat back down. I think that attitude is most impressive for a 7 year old and her teacher did too because she went on to give her her own certificate at the end of the day for behaving so well in what could have been a really awkward situation.

These certificates are definitely ones to keep and look back on. I look forward to enjoying more moments like these as they get older!!


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  1. Very well done to Gracie for becoming so confident, but well done to Freya too for her behaviour in a difficult situation!
    Thanks very much for linking to Loud 'n' Proud.


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