Saturday 14 February 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 7

This week seems to have dragged and I have to admit I almost forgot to take photos for project 365 on a couple of days. Between the girls and I moods have been bad and emotions have run high and to be honest I'm not entirely sure why.

Inbetween all the lows there have been some highs, well for the kids atleast.

Freya went to rollerskating with her friend at the weekend, new skates in hand and this time she managed to do it all by herself with minimal falling over!! Elise has been doing swimming lessons with the school and she's gradually gaining more confidence in the water, dipping herself under, a big thing for her. And Gracie has come on leaps and bounds with her school work and I think she is going to be a little writer like her older sister, always jotting down thoughts on paper, not that I can read it all yet.

Day 39

The annual change over of clothes, bagging up the ones that are now too small and getting out the larger sizes.

Day 40

It is becoming somewhat of a regular occurence this little monkey getting into my bed during the night!!

Day 41

I went to see how Freya and Gracie have been getting on at school and Freya's class put on a little show, they've been studying Africa so they played/sung us an African song. The picture is blurry as I had to zoom in a lot.

Day 42

Making Valentine's pancakes, mixing two days together :)

Day 43

Layla was trying to will the sun out.

Day 44

I love how close these two are. Seeing them holding hands on the way home from school was a really aaaa moment.

Day 45

Another pancake breakfast complete with frozen strawberries and whipped cream mmm


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  1. Lovely photos!! Mmm! I'm loving all the pancakes :D x

  2. You cannot beat a pancake breakfast, especially with cream! Love Layla trying to will the sun out. Hope you all feel brighter soon x #365

  3. Sorry to hear about your low mood. I've been like that too this week - maybe we're all fed up of the winter? Hopefully half-term will cheer us all up! Lovely photo of your two girls walking to school together :) Exchanging and bagging up the clothes is such a big job! My eldest has normally either got holes in his or they're already too small for his brother by the time he passes them down, so most of ours go to charity.

  4. Hope you're ok and feeling a little more upbeat. Winter does that sometimes doesn't it. Sounds like you've had some good times too - loving the pancakes. We have POD in our bed a bit too, she kicks the covers off then gets cold!

  5. Love all the pancakes and the glasses photo. I hope you feel brighter next week x

  6. It's so lovely when they finally get their confidence with swimming. You can't beat a pancake breakfast :)

  7. Love the pancakes :) We're big fans of pancakes here! Good news about the swimming progress. I have a huge pile of clothes to sort through....! Hope you feel brighter next week xx

  8. Yum to those pancakes, epsecially today breakfast! Hope moods are better next week during half term! Perhaps the girls were tired? x

  9. The pancakes look yummy and we use to like them for breakfast as well. Hormones in the house is it? Poor husband!!
    I hated my kids coming into bed at night.
    The holding hand picture is sweet, I love it when they do that voluntarily.


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