Wednesday 18 March 2015

Barbie In Princess Power DVD Review

barbie in princess power
My girls have always been huge fans of Barbie, we have the dolls, the houses, the make up and plenty of DVDs. They were more than excited when the latest DVD came through the letterbox. So what has Barbie become this time? Why a superhero of course.

Barbie in Princess Power is the newest feature film which stars Barbie as Kara, a modern day princess who leads an every day life, that is until she is kissed by a magical butterfly.

This is when everything changes. Kara soon discovers that she has some amazing super powers and magically transforms into Super Sparkle but there's danger ahead.

Her cousin also finds the butterfly and turns into Dark Sparkle, but is she the real enemy?

Freya says…

It was wonderful I absolutely loved it. It was a mystery whether Super Sparkle and Dark Sparkle would make up or not. 

Super Sparkle was really pretty and Dark Sparkle was too.

I didn't like the bad man and the cute frog I didn't like the frog when he turned bad. But it was amazing anyway. I was frightened to see if Super Sparkle's family would die because of the lava. BUT!!! luckily Super Sparkle and Dark Sparkle saved the day!

Barbie got the powers by getting kissed by a magic butterfly for a while she went a bit crazy and made friends with a few flowers. 

I was scared when the bad man broke a massive statue because right above them it could of crashed all of them. 

Chelsea and Scooter wanted to be Super Sparkle and Dark Sparkle because they were really jealous of them they should of found the magic butterfly and got kissed by it. To be fair I would be a bit jealous if I was in the film!

My favourite character was all of them because they were helpful , smily and more. I loved it soooooooo much, it's my favourite film so far right now, I watch it all the time when we are allowed to watch films on Fridays.

This DVD is awesome. All of the characters were good at acting it out. Super Sparkle and Dark Sparkle were good when they made up, it was fantastic. 

Thank you for sending it to us Barbie and princess power is FAB! THANK YOU SO MUCH love Freya.

A DVD packed with girl power, showing that friendship and working together are great powers in themselves. You even get a superhero mask of your very own with the DVD, the kids have been discovering lots of super powers of their very own.

And you get more than just a fil, the bonus features on the DVD include music videos, outtakes and the Barbie anthem sung by 5th Harmony.

You can even carry on the adventures by printing out the fab activities that can be found at

It gets a big thumbs up from the Hazelden household, why not pick up a copy for yourself and see what super powers you can uncover!!



  1. That sounds like a great DVD....My girl loves Barbie so will have to look out for this x

  2. Great DVD - perfect for all little girls! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. Oh goodness I can see this being one of Bella's favourite DVDs!! x x

  4. My little lady has yet to discover Barbie and I must admit I'm putting it of for as long as possible!
    Lovely to see you on #TriedTested this week x


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