Wednesday 1 April 2015

A Few Of My #AldiFavourite Things

It's no secret now that I love a good shop at Aldi. Not only can I save myself money but they stock items that I can't find at other supermarkets. So today I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite Aldi things.

First on the list are these chia and oat crisp breads. These are not only delicious but healthy too, fab as a snack or for lunch. I love to put cottage cheese and cucumber on top of them.

Next up, well it had to be chocolate didn't it. I reviewed a selection of their chocolate last year and I've kept going back for more. My latest addiction is this dark chocolate with cherry and chilli mouss from Moser Roth, a unique flavour that certainly does things for my tastes buds. Moser Roth is a great choice for chocolate at Easter too!!

I couldn't right a favourites post without mentioning alcohol now could I. Aldi stock a wide selection of alcoholic drinks and I've always been amazed at how just how cheap it is too. The bottle of wine pictured below costs a small £2.99, a tiny price to pay for a bit of happiness ;)

The final thing on my list is meat, specifically their lamb joints. I like to cook mine in the slow cooker. I place it on a bed of carrots and potatoes. I then cover everything in vegetable stock which is mixed with rosemary and mint. This all gets cooked slowly over 8 hours and gets served with stuffing and mint sauce (another Aldi favourite).

What are your favourite things from Aldi?


Disclaimer : I was sent vouchers from Aldi to buy my favourite things however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Ooh you lucky devil! 'Free' wine and chocolate! All looks yummy!

  2. I wish we had an Aldi in town, the nearest one is in Oxford. I very rarely go there. I love their manuka honey, for £3.99 a jar it's a great bargain, as manuka honey is ever so pricey. Love the sound of that sour cherry chocolate, might just venture into Oxford to get hold of it

  3. That sour cherry-chilli chocolate is gorgeous, a bar always seems to find its way into my trolly!


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