Wednesday 1 April 2015

House of Secrets - Battle Of The Beasts Review

The book The House of Secrets debuted in 2013, selling thousands worlwide, getting glowing reviews even from J K Rowling, a brilliant adventure book for children. With all this hype, everyone was waiting inpatiently for book number two, Battle of The Beasts.

Can the Walker kids save the world? Again? Brendan, Cordelia and Nell better be prepared to fight for their lives…

Just when the Walkers thought they'd defeated the evil Wind Witch forever, their home is blasted into a crazy world of battles, beasts and cyborgs. From the searing heat and clashing swords of the Colosseum, to the snow capped Tibetan mountains and some seriusly freaky monks - the stakes have never been higher.

Just from the blurb you get an adrenaline rush. Time to get comfy and settle down for a real rollercoaster of a ride.

This book follows straight on from where the first left off but what is good is that you get sort of a quick catch up in the first chapter, refreshing what happened to the Wind Witch but if you're like me you'll want to re read the first book before delving into the second one anyway.

The story itself is packed full of magic, adventure and suspense. It is unpredictable yet fun and really manages to keep the reader guessing.

All of the character bring something to the tale (my favourite is Brendan), each one providing more depth and the dialogue between all of them added elements of both humour and drama.

Here's what my 9 year old thought :

This is definitely an eye catching read for kids that love a bit of adventure. Cordelia, Brendan and Eleanor make a good team together they would definitely make great detectives.

Some of the book was quite scary so maybe not great for younger kids but there were lots of parts that had me laughing a lot.

A 5 star book for me and I'm really hoping I won't have to wait long for another book in this series!!

The House of Secrets series certainly packs a punch. Chris Columbus has created an amazing world which both thrills and excites. I would say that the books are my suited to children aged 9 and upwards because as my daughter said, some of what happens can come across as scary and I think books can be worse than films in this sense because our imaginations really do run wild.

The story is made better in my opinion by the added meaning to it, one word, family. Family comes first, which is something I definitely teach my kids.

Overall a great continuation of a brilliant series, this is one that will certainly get kids picking up books!!


Disclaimer : we were sent this book foc for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are our own.


  1. I'd never heard of this series but it looks really good! #ReadWithMe

  2. Think my son might like this one #readwithme

  3. Wow, it sounds really exciting! Is it wrong I kinda want to read it to see what it's like, even though my son is definitely not old enough?! Ray xx @ #weekendbookclub

  4. firstly thanks so much for linking to #weekendbookclub. Secondly this sounds like a great book and I agree with you re the family moral :-)

  5. I've not heard of it before but sounds like a great series :)


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