Wednesday 8 April 2015

AirMotion Brush Review

I struggle with my own hair some days and with 4 daughters who all need their hair brushing and styling, I have even less time to attend to my own 'beauty' needs.

Each of my girls all have lovely straight hair but their textures and thickness differ, I tend to use different brushes and combs on each of them as what works for one doesn't work for another.

AirMotion brush
This is where the new brush on the block, the AirMotion, steps in. This new multi- use brush aims to redefine brushing.

The brush is designed by a professionally trained hairstylist so I had high hopes to begin with as you'd think that a person who knows about hair should be able to create a brush that gives you luscious locks right?

When thinking of a brush, I bet you can't think of many stand out features but with the AirMotion brush you would be wrong, here are just a few of them -

Air shock absorption : This is patent pending but the idea is to reduce the strain on your hair, helping to reduce breakage.

Tri-Bristle configuration : Most brushes have their bristles all the same length. The AirMotion brush compromises of bristles made of 3 different lengths and diameters, meaning that no hair is left untangled.

AirMotion tri-bristle configuration

Ergonomically designed : The handle of the AirMotion is a shape and size which makes it ideal for small and large hands, from toddlers up to adults.

AirMotion egonomical handle

AirMotion brush

Now it's all well and good talking about the brush but you have to use it to really see just how well it works.

This brush is suitable for anyone to use it, perfect whether you are left or right handed, I am left handed and it is refreshing to be able to hold a product comfortably.

It's extremely lightweight, this was a welcome feature for my mum who suffers with severe arthritis in both her hands. It also means that younger children that like to have a bit of independence can practice doing their hair too.

The material used to make the AirMotion brush has made it non slippery. We were able to use it in the shower, great for brushing through conditioner, it would be ideal if you do a lot of swimming, handy when showering after getting out of the pool.

The real test was brushing the kids hair first thing in the morning, this is when it is most knotty. I tested on all my girls and myself and honestly the feedback is highly positive. It really did glide through the hair, you don't get that horrible sound, you know almost like your hair is being ripped.

There was no static, the hair was left smooth and soft to the touch, this made putting their hair up a pleasure rather than a chore.

Priced at £11.95, I would be happy to invest in another AirMotion brush. It has meant no more tears from the kids when it comes to brushing out those unwanted knots and I'm brushing their hair in half the time that it normally takes me. This in turn has given me more time to do my own hair, I can finally put a brush through mine, I don't just have to put a hat on because of another bad hair day!!

And best of all the AirMotion brush is a British made product and I am always excited when I get to support companies in my own country.

AirMotion logo

This brush comes highly recommended by myself and my daughters, the husband had no comment as he unfortunately has no hair to test the brush out on ;)


Disclaimer : I was sent this brush FOC for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I need a new hairbrush so badly, I'm in the post pregnancy hair shedding phase so my hair is constantly tangled, this does sound like a good brush so may have to give it a try! Xx #triedtested

  2. That sounds great....It's fab it works so well on little people too x

  3. Oh that looks great for me and my daughter - I have very long hair so something like that would be great :) #TriedTested

  4. Gosh we really need a better hairbrush in this house. This one looks perfect, and much more comfotable to use than mine! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested


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