Saturday 4 April 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 14

The Easter holidays are finally here, hooray!!! I'm more than a little excited to have my girls off of school for a couple of weeks. I am now keeping my fingers crossed that the weather is good for atleast a little bit of their time off.

So what have we been up to this week? I went and saw the girls perform at their Easter tea, queue lots of cute kids dressed up like frogs!! We made some Easter cards and we've already had a trip to the library to stock up on books to read incase the weather turns bad.

We are now inpatiently waiting to hunt for lots of chocolate, while we wait lets look at this weeks project 365 photos :

Day 88

The weather was absolutely rubbish but I braved going out in the wind and rain and managed a 5.5k run in just over 30 minutes,

Day 89

This little lady astounds me, growing up so quickly. She was demonstrating how she can get dressed all by herself.

Day 90

Gracie and Freya were performing in their Easter tea, I managed to get a blurry shot of Freya holding up the letter R (they were spelling out Easter, surprise!!)

Day 91

Love these two, princesses together.

Day 92

We spent the morning at the library, Layla just couldn't decide which books to take home ;)

Day 93

Trip to Nandos for dinner, the girls love colouring whilst waiting for their food.

Day 94

An Easter crafting session.


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  1. Looks like a busy weekin all Chantelle. Lots of crafting and book chosing going on! Have a great Easter x

  2. well done on your run. I went out in the wind on Monday and my calves were really hurting so I had to keep stopping to walk.

  3. that's a great time for a run, and well done on braving the weather. Libraries are a great resource and we use to go through dozens of books back in the day.
    Nice to see them colouring, and great places now allow for activities for children and welcome them.
    The plastic mat is great for crafting on, the kids often get their one out if they are going to do messy play.

  4. Your girls are just so lovely - they all look like they get on so well. Well done with your run :)

  5. They look very busy with their crafting! Love the picture of Layla putting on her socks - that's not easy!

  6. Great running time! I'm slowly building up and have not the 4k mark. Really want to do a 5k Parkrun soon :) Love the library pic :)

  7. Great tuning time and well done for braving the horrid weather.

  8. A busy week.
    Well done on your run, I must start soon...Too many excuses though lol

  9. A busy week.
    Well done on your run, I must start soon...Too many excuses though lol

  10. wow where do you find the time .. you guys are always so busy! .. hope you had a fab Easter Sunday too x

  11. What lovely photos of your girls. Hope you have a fantastic Easter break.

  12. What a fab week....Lovely photos!
    Your girls are just adorable x

  13. Love the look of the Easter crafting :) Gorgeous shot of your two princesses x


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