Saturday 16 May 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 20

Another week has flown by, only one more week of school and the kids are back on half term, yay!! So this week saw the eldest starting drama club, something which she really enjoyed, it was nice for her to do something by herself. We finally got the hubby's phone sent off for repair (£60 later) and Layla started doing an extra morning at playschool, this has made me feel rather lost.

Onto the photos

Day 130

A lazy Sunday after a busy Saturday. We invested in a headset for the xbox upstairs so that Elise could play with her friends on minecraft and chat at the same time.

Day 131

New top for me, I found this on eBay and just had to have it.

Day 132

Layla drew a lovely picture of her daddy which I just had to share, she was quite proud that she gave him boobies lol.

Day 133

Gracie decided to play a game of monopoly by herself, funnily enough she ended up quite rich!

Day 134

We spent the afternoon at my best friends house and I happened to snap my lovely lot whilst we walking home, mad to see how big they are all getting.

Day 135

This was a day where I just couldn't get motivated so whilst I was glued to the sofa I enjoyed a good cup of coffee and I finally got time to read a magazine.

Day 136

Ok so you might not think this is exciting but we got a new toilet seat and who doesn't love a bit of sparkle ;)



  1. Great photos! I love that top! So cool and the toilet seat! Very glam!

  2. that top is fab, and how great is that toilet seat, we could do with a new one.
    I always find mine tend to shout if they have headphones on as they think you cant her them,
    It is hard to see them growing up, wish all mine were under 10 again.
    Great picture of daddy, every right to be proud, glad you shared it.

  3. Loving that Kelloggs top, reminds of the little boxes I used to have when I stayed with my Gran. Everyone needs sparkles! #365

  4. That Tshirt is amazing! Just the sort of quirky thing I like. Love Layla's picture and the 'boobies' made me laugh.

  5. Fab picture of Daddy! Boobies made me chuckle. The top is very funky. What are you going to pair it with?

  6. What an awesome t shirt and who wouldn't want a sparkly loo seat?! :)

  7. Love the toilet seat ;0) That top is great, I haven't read a magazine for ages! x

  8. We can't believe that it is nearly half term again! LOVE your loo seat! Kaz & Ickle Pickle x

  9. That is a fab top and I love the loo seat. Vote Yes for sparkle!

  10. love the top but it does seem to make my eyes go funny

  11. i know that feeling about being a bit lost, we've 5 kids and when we were alone we twiddled out thumbs wondering what to do until all of a sudden they were back

  12. Love that top, and the sparkly loo seat! The picture of daddy made me chuckle :) Love the photo of your girls walking home together x

  13. The top and the toilet seat are utterly fab! Love them :)

  14. LOve the shot of the girls walking back home. You can see how much they've grown.


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