Saturday 16 May 2015

Testing My Baking Skills #FloridaTixbakeoff

FloridaTix are turning 10 and of course any birthday celebration needs cake so they set myself and 9 other bloggers the task to create them a birthday cake as part of their FloridaTixbakeoff challenge. Now I'm ok at making cakes and I don't like to blow my own trumpet but I think I'm pretty great at eating them!! However my decorating skills I admit are somewhat lacking.

I always have visions in my head as to how I want my finished cakes to look but honestly they never come out looking how I imagined them but I'm not one to turn down a challenge so I've given it my best shot.

We were each sent a little hamper of baking goodies to help us with our creations this included icing, edible glitter and a madeira cake mix.

I opted to make more than one cake because there is always someone that doesn't like a simple sponge isn't there. The cakes on offer for FloridaTix were the madeira cake, which was a packet mix in the goodies they sent. A chocolate brownie cake, I switched the cocoa powder for cacao and this recipe is free from flour. And finally a banana cake made with wholewheat self raising flour.

madeira cake

chocolate brownie cake

banana cake

As I mentioned FloridaTix are turning 10 so I incorperated this into my vision, I used the brownie cake and banana cake to make the number ten, clever right ;) 

Using star shaped cutters, I cut out tiny star shaped sponges and dipped them in the melted Yolli, making them into cake pops, I thought this added a little bit of that Florida magic. 

Then with the use of icing and glitter I managed to decorate my cakes to resemble something that looked almost like what I wanted it to look like, think palm trees, beach and sunshine with a little bit of fun thrown in.

Now I know this cake is meant to be for FloridaTix but taste testing has to be done and my kids and I can confirm that each one of these cakes tastes delicious, I'm not sure it will last long enough for FloridaTix to enjoy it themselves!!



  1. Great work Chantelle! Much more creative than mine will be I'm sure! x

  2. Looks fabulous. I bet you had so much fun baking them. X

  3. love the look of the cakes and 3 different ones even better!! x


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