Saturday 27 June 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 26

Who else thinks the weather has been rather rubbish considering it is meant to be Summer time?? This week I got a new pushchair in the house much to the husbands horror, however I did sell my other buggies so I am down to one pushchair which hasn't been the case since I had Layla!!

This week also saw the hubby starting on a different shift at work, better hours as it means he gets every weekend with us for a little while but it is a drop in wages as the job is nearing an end so time to tighten the purse strings.

Last week my older brother and his wife had their second child so we are off to see them this morning, got to love baby cuddles but for now check out this weeks project 365 round up...

Day 172

Father's day and daddy did what he does best and treated the girls instead of himself. New swingball set up in the garden.

Day 173

New pushchair and Layla loves it just as much as mummy!!

Day 174

So it was a day of grumpy toddler who wanted to watch Frozen AGAIN

Day 175

Great weather means playing in the garden.

Day 176

It was gloomy on Monday so our usual library trip got posponed til today.

Day 177

Totally forgot to take a photo for this day, this was taken at 9pm with two little monkeys refusing to go to sleep.


All dressed up for a rainbow themed party this afternoon.


  1. Can't beat a bit of swingball! Those rainbow dresses and leggings are awesome, and we love our iCandy Raspberry too! #365

  2. Love the rainbow outfits, I want one. We need a new buggy, love the look of that one. We have shifts in our house too, it takes some getting used too x

  3. Absolutely love those matching rainbow dresses! Our weather has been good this week, sorry to hear yours has been a bit rubbish!

  4. Ooh, my two would love swing ball. We need more garden toys! I love the girls rainbow outfits! I hope they enjoyed the party! x

  5. The weather has been rubbish hasn't it....Lovely photos! It looks like you've had a lot of fun x

  6. Now who doesn't love a game of swing ball? Which pushchair is it?

  7. Love their rainbow outfits :) I used to love swingball!

  8. I ove the girls rainbow dresses and leggings

  9. Loving the new buggy and those matching rainbow dresses are so cute! We watched Frozen again at the weekend too! Hope the weather has been more acceptable for you this week :p

  10. Ahh, love the rainbow outfits! #project365


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