Wednesday 8 July 2015

Lola Pug Book Review

I was recently sent a wonderful children's book, Lola Pug. Written by Carina Lagnado and illustrated by Emily Colenso, this sotry tells the tale of the adorable dog, Lola the Pug…

lola pug

The Adams family live in a country cottage, surrounded by their pets and the farm animals who munch on the grass in the orchards. Isabel really wants one more pet - her very own puppy. Big? Small? Hairy? Bouncy?

They choose Lola, an adorable pug - but sometimes it's hard being a little bit different. The village fair gives Lola a chance to shine and before long, everyone loves her!

What a wonderful story. The book cover itself draws you in. A classical looking illustration with a cute dog who looks to be a bit mischievious on the front, it appeals to children and parents too.

Beautifully written, the words are simple yet effective. I think this is great book for children who have started to read by themselves to have a go at.

lola pug book

There are a few elements to the tale which make it interesting. It's not just a story but a means for kids to learn a thing or two as well. As you progress through the book you see different types of dogs, showing the differing sizes and features. You could ask questions like which one is bigger, what makes them different?

The story then continues showing various farmyard animals, this was a fun part for my toddler, seeing if she could recognise what each animal was and then what sounds they might make. Made the story more interactive.

lola pug book

Gorgeous images really bring the story to life. Each turn of a page reveals more illustrations which look sketched on, the way the colours are placed give the pictures depth and texture. As I mentioned before they seem rather classic, like what I used to have in the books I read rather than lots of bright colours, gives you a chance to focus on what is really happening in each drawing.

But there is an underlying message to this tale, whether animal or human, we are all different and what your child will start to learn whilst reading this is that being different isn't a bad thing, it can be good to stand out from the crowd, an important lesson to learn in this day and age!!


Disclaimer : I was sent this book FOC for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. This sounds like a lovely book and I love the illustrations - as you say, they are much more classic and there seems to be a lot to look at too :-)

  2. The illustrations do look lovely and they do look a bit vintage.

  3. This book sounds lovely and I love the vintage style illustration x #readwithme

  4. The illustrations in this book are beautiful and Lola Pug looks very cute :)


  5. Aww, this looks adorable. Pugs are such cute dogs anyway. I love the traditional illustrations here as well. Thanks for sharing #readwithme

  6. sounds a nice kids book and love the pictures #readwithme

  7. Oh for heavens sake.. My face is doing that scrunched up too cute thing you do when you see a teeny tiny baby! That's another book for the Amazon wishlist then! #Readwithme

  8. This looks like such a cute book i love the pictures x #Readwithme


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