Saturday 4 July 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 27

July and we finally had a few days of Summer weather. It was so nice being outdoors, playing in the garden, time with friends at the park, watching the girls taking part in their school sports day and seein my little brother, really wish he lived nearer to me. Overall I have to say it has been a good week.

Day 179

A walk over in Folkestone and we found this on the outside of one of the buildings.

Day 180

Sports day, all my three girls together.

Day 181

Poor Layla, boiling hot outside and she wanted to sit under a blanket.

Day 182

Hot hot hot!!

Day 183

Difficult to know what to wear when it's hot yet raining outside.

Day 184

Movie night and everyone's edging closer to the TV

Day 185

Super soaking time in the garden.



  1. My kids always end up almost in the TV lol. Did laugh at Layla under the blanket - kids are funny! Can't beat a fab on a hot day, or a water fight! #365

  2. It looks like they had great fun with the water pistols! You did well to capture all three girls together at sports day.

  3. Love the movie night photo. It really has been a hot week, I wish we had some rain (just not tomorrow!) x

  4. Looks like they are all enjoying movie night.

  5. super soakers are a brill invention, our lot had them as kids and spent many a happy hour squirting each other, even in cooler weather.
    Gosh at yours sitting on chairs to watch a movie my lot prefer the floor.
    It is very difficult when it is too warm to know what to do with yourself.

  6. Love that photo of them in front of the tv!

    Grr to water guns. I bought N one at the request of him and his dad, so they could get his uncle. But needless to say I'm the one that got it.

    By the way, loving the new look blog.

  7. It looks like you have been making the most of the nice weather! There was lots of sitting around in pants in our house last week too and my eldest daughter decided she wanted to sit under a blanket too - crazy girls!

  8. Looks like the kids had lots of fun in the sun last week and how lovely to get them all together in a sports day shot #365

  9. love the photo of the girls and your outfit is gorgeous


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