Friday 3 July 2015

The Godmother

In 2012 my husband and I were given the privilege of being Godmother and Godfather to our best friend's son. I felt very proud and honoured that we had even been considered.

Three years on and we have just been offered the same great privilege, this time being Godparents to our best friend's daughter.

I am so lucky to have this lovely family in my life, they really are an extension of my own family.

Now tradition states that Godparents should be responsible for caring for said child and ensuring that the child's religious education is carried out and to raise the child if their parents' were to pass.

Well this is the modern day and if I'm honest, I am not particularly religious, although I did used to regularly attend the salvation army with my nan, that counts right??

This got me thinking what does being a Godparent mean in this day and age and in particular, what does it mean to me??

Firstly I see being a Godparent as being extended family. An extra person that a child can rely on. Another set of ears ready to listen, whether that is listening to problems that need advice, or hearing about positive news ready to be shared with those of importance.

Even before being asked to take on such a special role, I would have done anything for my friends and their children but that title, Godmother, just makes me feel that much closer to them.

Our children get along so well and it's a blessing really because I don't get to see much of my own nephew so it's wonderful having these kids around to watch grow up.

What I hope for my Godchildren (is that what you say?) is that I can be someone that they feel they can trust, a shoulder to cry on, a comfort in times of need, I'd hope there would never be any hesistation in calling me, no matter how silly they think they might sound. If they were unable to talk to their parents, I'd like to be thought of as someone worth talking to.

And hopefully I'll be well practiced in the language of teenager by that point so I'll be better equipped with the right words to say!!!


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  1. I think times have changed so much. When I was small, my godmother always remembered my birthday and was there for me. These days I don't think so many people get their children christened, let alone have godparents for them. Such a shame. I bet you are a great godmother. Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo x


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