Friday 17 July 2015

Ready, Aim, Fire That Water Gun

We've been experiencing some pretty good weather these past couple of weeks. A heatwave that was promised for once appeared and the sun has been out more often than not. Now I'm not one to complain, I much prefer the sunshine to the wind and rain however it can be a tad too hot at times especially for the kids. But you can't miss an opportunity to get outdoors so what better way to fend off the heat than having an epic water gun fight in the garden.

I think this was really just way for the husband to get himself a super soaker but passing it off as being for the girls made it acceptable. A trip to Argos and his wallet £36 lighter soon meant the kids would be ready for war to cool down.

Little Layla was busy napping indoors when the following battle occured, she was the only one to remain dry but thankfully we all survived to tell the tale.

I was trying to hide by the back door taking photos but this didn't stop me from getting a soaking.

Daddy Hazelden found is seat at the filling station, in other words where the hose was located but this also became his weapon of choice.

Ready, aim, fire!!!

They were using the shed and garden toys as barriers and hiding places but no place was safe!!

Stepping into the line of fire

I'm not quite sure who won in the end but really it was just so nice to hear the girls laughing and having fun, the garden served its' pupose well. I'm hoping for plenty more bright and sunny days once the Summer holidays arrive.



  1. I love a good waterfight! And those guns look pretty good #PoCoLo

  2. Awwww looks like a nice play outside. Weather here is not as nice there. Its been raining non stop for about a week now. I can see some sun this moment outside of the window and hope it would continue the whole afternoon! Praying hard hehe. #pocolo

  3. You DEFINITELY cannot beat a water gun - we have 3 to take on holiday with us in a few weeks and I can't ruddy wait! Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo x

  4. Perfect summer garden fun! My kids did this yesterday afternoon just for the fun of it too. It always goes down a treat even if you do end up with a soggy wash load at the end! Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.


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