Friday 17 July 2015

Last Minute Pun-Tastic Teacher Gift Ideas

Ok so going by my social media time lines there are an awful lot of you already enjoying your Summer holidays. However if you are like me, my children still have a full week left at school, boooo I hear you cry. This also means that gifts to teachers are yet to be given so I'm sharing with you three pun-tastic teacher gift ideas which are simple to make but I feel the homemade element gives them a special touch.

You Deserve A Break

You can find the print out for this idea here. Simply print and cut out the labels and stick them round bars of Kit-Kats.

Thanks For Helping Me Sparkle

This idea cost me a little bit of money as I had to buy bottles of nail varnish, but at a pound each in poundland it was a minimal cost.

Using a printable for the sparkle labels and coloured ribbon, I tied these labels around the nail varnish bottles. Now this is probably most appealing to women teachers but as my 7 year old saw Eddie Izzard with red nails, it is clear that nail polish can be for men too.

Thanks For Making My Future Look Bright

Now you can't give a gift without a card and I just love the above saying and what else can go with that but a light bulb.

I searched the internet for various colouring pages until I found one I liked. Easy enough to design. Cut out the lightbulb and stick it onto an A4 piece of card which is folded in half, then write your message on in whatever colour pen you like.

There we have it, what gifts did you give/are you giving to the teachers this year??


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