Saturday 18 July 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 29

Totally on count down for the Summer holidays now, with one week of school yet to go I'm getting rather jealous of some people's status across social media, I can't wait to have long days with my kids.

I think for that reason this week seems to have dragged, nothing really happening and the sun disappeared too but onto this weeks project 365 round up.

Day 193

So the hubby and I went out with friends Saturday night, turns out by the end I was a bit worse for wear shall we say. Next day I found out hubby took photos and he made a nice little meme up for me.


Day 194

A lazy day with the youngest, I found her playing dress up, this girl has real style.

Day 195

Tuesday must have been a long day because at 6pm I found the toddler on the floor like this…

Day 196

School disco day for my eldest, every time one comes around I can't believe how much older she looks!!!

Day 197

Our next door neighbour gave the girls some flowers from her garden, we didn't have a vase small enough so had to improvise with a mug.


My 9 year old is testing out what it's like being a teenager, took me three attempts to get her out her bed.


Went out for a run with my 7 year old this morning, well more walking than running but was nice to have some one on one time with her.



  1. Love the drunken meme, made me laugh - was obviously a good night! Can't believe how grown up your girls are, and love the flowers! #365

  2. The drunken photo is hilarious! Your girls are looking more and more grown up. So lovely to go running with your daughter. I do that too (although not enough, in my opinion!)

  3. Lol! What are you like! Jeepers you look so young and make me feel very old! The girls are your spitting image x

  4. Haha!! Must have been a good night! Oh we broke up last Friday - gosh you do break up late :( Have a wonderful time. Kaz x

  5. oh dear at having to go home on public transport feeling worse for wear, just as well one of you was capable. Looks like you had a good night.
    Nice that at 7 she wants to come running with you, and any one on one time is nice ( and scarce when you have 4 children)
    Think you need to turn a blind eye to long lies saves a lo of stress now the holidays are here.


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