Friday 11 September 2015

Hey Mr DJ

Way back when the husband used to be a DJ. Not a radio DJ where all they do is insert a cd and press play, no a proper one that took the time to mix his own music. I'm happy to blow his trumpet, he was good. Completely self taught he played in local clubs, got a slot on a radio show and even ran his own event. He's always had an ear for music, even now he'll spot a tune long before it gets played on mainstream radio.

But as with most things though life got in the way. Kids came along, there was less and less time to do the thing he loved, working his normal during the day and then late nights djng were catching up with him and as much as he enjoyed it, it was costing him more than he was earning, the petrol to get to gigs, purchasings songs etc. He ended up having to sell his decks along with all of his cds as we no longer had room for them, something he really regrets doing.

Recently he's been fiddling about with Virtual dj on his laptop, his hobby coming back to life, so for our wedding annivesary we purchased the decks to coincide with the app. Turns out we have some budding DJs on our hands because the girls were eager to start learning.

It was so nice to watch because my husband has never been a typical male, he doesn't really follow sports but being the only man he's been made to feel left out at times as he wasn't so keen on makeovers and playing princesses.

This gave him the opportunity to share something with his daughters whilst being able to enjoy himself. We've made the girls promise that when they become famous DJs spinning their decks in Ibiza that they must take us away with them, I mean everyone likes a free holiday right?



  1. Aww, this is awesome. What a cool dad, and good for him that he's sharing his hobby with the girls.


  2. How lovely that he is able to share his hobby with the girls. Ross used to DJ too - it really isn't as easy as everyone thinks! Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo x


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