Saturday 12 September 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 37

I knew last week was a fluke, being ready on time for school. This week has been back to rushing around, forgetting books and lunch boxes, back to normality lol. Project 365 hasn't been in the front of my mind and if I'm honest I've almost forgotten to take pictures and with the girls being back at school there seems to be a distinct lack of children in the photos!! But we plod on...

Day 249

It was my husband and I's 7th wedding anniversary and he did good, buying me a set of rings from Pandora.

Day 250

It was Layla's first time staying for lunch at Playschool, can't believe how grown up she's getting!!

Day 251

Layla discovered a new way to colour?

Day 252

Gaining independence and cutting up their own pizzas.

Day 253

Eldest daughter was set the homework of decorating her book, anyone else remember doing this??

Day 254

The girls spent time making a beard for the Twits Roald Dagl challenge which you can read about here.

Day 255

An afternoon out visiting the western heights in Dover.



  1. Gemma has been decorating her homework book this week too, brings back some memories! Love your Pandora rings, and I can't believe how grown up Layla is now!

  2. Yes! I know what you mean.....I struggled for photos this week but managed it!
    Happy Anniversary! Your hubby did well!
    hahaha! Go Layla! What a great way to colour!
    My Friday photo was us making beards

  3. My daughter had homework to cover her book! I had a bit of a fall out with the sticky back plastic! ;) Lovely rings :) Happy anniversary x

  4. Layla is no more a baby! :( Love your rings, he did do good! Ha ha, I didn't even know they still cover their books! Used to love doing mine which was ages ago now! x

  5. The Western Heights look a lovely place to visit. Happy anniversary! Those rings are beautiful.
    I've struggled to take pictures this week too - life gets a lot less photogenic with the kids back at school!

  6. It doesn't take long to get back to 'normal' does it! Loving your new rings, what a fab husband you have. The colour in tablecloth is a great idea, and why not sit on the table to colour?!


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