Friday 27 November 2015

Applying Make Up When You Have Eczema

I've suffered with eczema almost all of my life. When I was around 10 it was at it's worst, it covered a lot of my body and the whole of my face. It was itchy beyond belief and there were times that I would scratch so much that I'd make myself bleed.

Various creams etc were tried, we even resorted to steroid creams for my face which is frowned upon but eventually through trial and error it was made to calm down but the eczema never disappeared completely.

As I got older I felt an ever growing need to cover it up. I'm sure you know how teenagers can be, some of their comments were nothing less than cruel and it left me feeling very upset, with very little confidence in myself. This is when I started to wear make up.

Trouble is my mum never really wore it and having brothers I had noone to advice me on how best to apply it.
Over the years I've tried my best to "wing it" but I've often been left with worst skin as the make up has managed to irritate my skin further causing more dry/scaly patches.

You can see from the photo below that I have the most obvious patches around my nose. I often get comments mistaking it for me having a cold.

I was recently shown the video below from Cetraben and I have to say it's been really helpful. And it couldn't have come at a better time of year because the cold weather is when my skin is at it's worst and I'm sure many other dry skin sufferers have the exact same reactions.

The tips are from a professional make up artist and they are really simple, it is in no way a complicated tutorial.

Think I need to take a look at my own make up supply, check the ingredients etc. I often think about going to get my make up done professionally to get the best advice for my skin, if I'm honest this video has given me that little nudge to make me actually go and do it!

Do you have any make up tips when it comes to dry skin/eczema? I'd love for you to share them in the comments below.


This post is in collaboration with Cetraben

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