Friday 27 November 2015

Wardrobes, Shelves and A New Space Made

When we moved into our home a little under a year ago we knew that there was plenty of work that needed doing. Not all of it major, infact most of it was more redecorating (damn wood chip). But one room that was in need of a do over was Freya's bedroom.

This bedroom is what would have been the loft. Now I'm not sure who designed this space however my feeling is that whoever did really needed they're eyes testing because what they done was quite frankly ridiculous.

There is a second toilet and a non working basin up there too. This is brilliant as with four girls a second toilet is a must, my problem is how they went about getting over the privacy issue. Their solution was to put an awful partition/screen in front of it, cutting off half of the window, it looked awful.

Another issue we had with Freya's room was the lack of storage. Being a strange shape you couldn't buy any old wardrobe, set of drawers etc. So my clever husband made the decision to kill two birds with one stone. Making a built in wardrobe with shelves for Freya whilst at the same time creating a completely seperate toilet/bathroom. His carpentry skills yet again coming in handy.

I've taken pictures below to show the stages of work.

Using skirting and beading to give leave a nice finish.

Gloss white paint so it has a lovely shine to it, brightening up the room in the process.

The wardrobe is now complete, the toilet will have to wait unil after Christmas but atleast Freya has a better space to sit/sleep in. It actually feels like a proper bedroom.



  1. Gorgeous transformation. A space my own teenagers would have loved. I like posts like this, that walk you through the whole process. I love the little ottoman/storage box!

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