Saturday 28 November 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 48

December is nearly here and my eldest daughters birthday is quickly approaching too so this week has been all about present buying and lots of wrapping.

Day 325

Time for a Christmas coffee from Starbucks and they actually managed to spell my name right!

Day 326

Think someone was a tad cold.

Day 327

My Autumn surprise project present arrived, so pleased with it.

Day 328

The eldest was sick at school so sofa day was required.

Day 329 

Making use of her day off school writing Christmas cards.

Day 330

We spent the morning shopping and of course some festive refreshments were needed.

Day 331

A day out having dinner and shopping, couldn't resist these candles.



  1. Ooooh a Costa and a Starbucks - I am jealous! Hope Elise is feeling better now?

  2. Fab photos.....I hope your eldest is feeling better now!
    I don't think I could resist those candles either x

  3. Oooh, the sick bucket was out :( Hope she's better now.

  4. Hope your girl is better now. You've reminded me that I haven't bought the kids any Christmas cards yet!

  5. Hope your daughter is feeling better now, know what you mean about birthday present wrapping. All done here too now #365

  6. a bucket is a sensible object with a spewy child. Hope she is feeling better. Love the yankee candles. Hope those are fingerless gloves else the tablet wont work poor girl.


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