Wednesday 25 November 2015

Best Of LeapFrog - LeapPad Edition

Last week I told you all about LeapFrog's Best Of voting that is taking place over the next few weeks. Well I'm back this week for another round off voting, this time it is the turn of the revolutionary LeapPad.

We were sent three games to play with which were as follows :

My Little Pony Mathematics Learning Game
Scooby Doo Pirates Ghost of the Barbary Coast Learning Game
Disney Frozen Reading Learning Game

Now this round proved tougher to choose the favourite because each game was so different yet all had elements that made them good to play.

Lets start with My Little Pony. This game was based around mathematics. Teaching things like probability, mulitplication, addition and subtraction and percentages. I would say this is aimed at slightly older children, maybe 7-8. My almost eight year old certainly got stuck into the games. 

Scooby Doo had a lot on their to keep kids interested. From problem solving to things all about nutrition, there was something for everyone on their. Monsters and ghosts made things mysterious, with clues to be found and plenty to explore, it was adventure mixed with learning.

Frozen reading, well lets be honest my girls all loved it. The world of Frozen still hasn't got old, the story mixed with spelling, handwriting and word building, I don' think it is any surprise that my girls voted this as their favourite game!

I'll be back next week with our final round of voting, come back and see what they choose as their favourite LeapReader Junior book.


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