Wednesday 25 November 2015

Discovering Treats In Degustabox

I think every month I continue to be impressed with Degustabox. There haven't been many items over the months that I've disliked and in my house there is always someone that will be willing to eat/drink anything offered to them. Recently Degustabox has been all about discovering treats, especially their Db's discoveries so keep reading to find out just what was in October's box.

Lets start with this months Db's Discoveries, first up Appy Drinks £1.99 for four drinks : These are award winning juices and with spongebob on the packaging they definitely appeal to the kids. 100% natural and with no added sugars etc, these drinks are better for your kids than most.

Second on the Db's discoveries list, Provena Gluten Free Oat Muesli £3.79 : we enjoyed eating this for breakfast but we also added into flapjacks.

Lorina £1.49 : This is a french lemonade in a coconut and lime flavour. I would say it is refreshing but it definitely has a strange tang to it.

The Snack Organisation Freeze Dried Fruit £1.00 : Freeze dried fruit that comes in four different flavours, strawberry, apricot, pineapple and the flavour we received, apple. A great, handy snack and 1 of your 5 a day to boot!

The Snack Organisation Rice Crackers £1.00 : I loved these, I've found dipping them in my favourite cuppa soups has been a brilliant way to eat them. They are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians so well worth trying.

Cirio £2.25 : We were provided with a bottle of pasata and a tin of chopped tomatoes. I've mentioned in a previous post just how yummy their products are, a wonderful flavour that really makes your best pasta dish even better.

Liberation Foods £2.00 : Oven baked cashews and peanuts in chilli n lime and peppercorn flavours, these are extremely moreish, I could of done with a bigger bag.

Kabuto £1.99 : So much better than a pot noodle, enough said!

Chip Strips £2.00 : Now it says these are a pleasure to share however I didn't want to share them. Cheese & onion and barbeque flavour, these are a lovely alternative to your standard bag of crisps.

President voucher £2.00 : We received a full voucher for president butter. Im looking forward to using this in my baking!!

And both Degustabox and my product of month belongs to 9BAR £2.49 :

This brand has been a long standing favourite of mine and their original carob hit bars definitely disappoint. Packed full of nutrition they make the perfect post workout snack! But they are also great for popping in your kids lunches.

Now don't tell me you aren't intrigued. If you'd like to try a Degustabox for yourself head on over to the site and enter in the code BLDEG15 for £6.00 off your first order!


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