Friday 13 November 2015


LeapFrog have always been well known for their toys abilities to encourage learning through play and a recent parliamentary report which coincides with the release of their latest tablet the LeapPad Epic celebrates just what a positive impact playing with these sorts of toys can have on any child's development.

This new report from a Parliamentary Group calls for play to be an important part of an approach to childrens health and wellbeing. Of course physical acitivity is a big part of kids lives, it goes a ling to battle things like obesity but play is also needed.

The question is what is considered play in this day and age? This recent report from the All Party Parliamentary Group highlights the positive impact that modern technology can have in child's play both at home and at school. I've seen this firsthand with my children. They use iPads at school and this excites them and has them eager to learn from the apps they use on them.

Dr Jody Le Vos, director of the LeapFrog Learning Team – a PHD qualified team that sits at the heart of the brand’s educational product development – comments: “We know that children learn best when they are having fun, so tech in the early years setting, be it at home or school, should reflect this - it should be playful”.

Dr. Jody continues: “Dedicated learning tablets designed for kids, for example, hold great play appeal to children and when coupled with the right educational content, it can fully engage a child and help supplement other home or classroom learning techniques.”

I think there is always a need for improved education, parents and children need support in this and of course there is the issue of how much screen time you should be allowing your child to have but companies like LeapFrog are proving to be extremely helpful in these instances.

I'll be reviewing the LeapFrog LeapPad Epic very soon, something I'm looking forward but for now I'll leave you with this thought from one of their workers :

Sally Plumridge, VP Marketing EMEAAA at LeapFrog comments: “We welcome this report as we launch LeapFrog Epic. We believe that a child’s development is a continuous journey and there is a positive place for technology within this. Epic is a shining example of a tech toy that can add value to a child’s learning journey through play. Technology is very much part of the world we now live in and there is a need to refresh our current understanding of play and reshape perceptions around ‘tech toys’


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