Saturday 14 November 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 46

The weeks seem to be blending into one recently, everything is flying by so fast. Christmas is coming round quickly and big moments are creeping up. For example this week I applied for Layla's primary school place, it just doesn't seem possible! As for project 365 photos, they seem to be more indoor than out recently….

Day 312

My little brother was back for a visit and the girls were more than a tad excited, he didn't get a moments peace, roll on December when he is back for Christmas.

Day 313

The girls were busy making perfume.

Day 314

Today was the day I applied for this little ladies primary school place.

Day 315

Layla is coming home from playschool very tired these days so she spends her afternoons snuggled up on the sofa watching Disney films.

Day 316

Layla was asked to dress in spots for play school, raising money for Children in Need, she also had her face painted, my little Frozen princess.

Day 317

Children in need day, we didn't have superhero costumes but I let the girls know that we are all superheroes in our own way.

Day 318

A miserable rainy day so the Gracie has been testing out her new LeapReader books.



  1. nice weather for testing out books. I always love how yours play well enough together to achieve a common goal, well done girls.
    Her face painting is fab and the 4 of them make a very very pretty picture totether

  2. Lovely photos!
    How sweet! My girl didn't have a super hero costume either and I said the same to her x

  3. Your daughters are all so much like you Chantelle! I can't believe Layla is starting school next year! x

  4. Wow, applying for primary school for Layla already? Time certainly flies. Lovely photo of all four of your girls together :)


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