Tuesday 14 June 2016

What To Give The Husband for Father's Day?

My husband isn't the easiest man to buy for. He is one of these people that tends to buy what he wants for himself so when it comes to others getting him gifts there isn't an awful lot left to purchase. And even more tricky his birthday and father's day are within days of each other.

The kid's dad is also a man that doesn't like change so if you try to give him a present that i something different like an alternative after shave or a another brand of clothing, you can almost guarantee that even as he's saying thank you what he is actually thinking is what am I meant to do with this now.

Then the lovely people at Lindt kindly offered to send through some chocolate, now this is something he loves, he will admit to eating chocolate for breakfast and funnily enough Lindt is one of his favourite brands. And then the delivery arrived their Lindt selection, queue happy face.

Now the thing is I also really like Lindt and these boxes contain some really tasty chocolates. Inside each box there's a mix of milk, white and dark chocolates with delicious fillings including hazelnut, almond and praline. In my head I was already thinking I could get in on the action as I'm the only one who likes the coffee chocolates but then I had another thought.....

What would be the best gift that I could give the husband for father's day? Something that money can't buy of course, a happy wife! And how to make your wife happy, well chocolates of course so I decided to gift the chocolate to myself, I'm thinking that they could be washed down nicely with a bottle of wine.

Ok ok, I lie I shared one box and not just with the husband but with the kids too because well sharing is caring as they say. I think the only trouble with this selection box is that we found it very hard to stop eating them, could have done with a few more boxes, you know so I could actually give the husband one of his own for Father's day!


  1. We dont have children so my mister gets nothing, but I do love those Lindt chocolates x

  2. Love Lindt chocolates! Absolutely yummy:)

  3. I've been told I'm not allowed to buy chocs for my Hubby this year because he is on a health kick. Lindt would be my top pick if I could though :)


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