Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Happy Calc Puzzle Review


Maths is a subject that I wouldn't say I overly enjoyed at school but it was one that I was good at, my children however have all taken after their father and favour English over Maths so I'm always looking for ways to encourage them to learn more about numbers but in ways that aren't deemed as boring. Recently we were kindly send the Happy Calc Elementary Maths puzzle to play with and review.


This space themed puzzle is aimed at children from age of three and upwards, teaching numbers from 1 to 10 and giving kids the opportunity to put together and solve equations, getting to grips with sums such as adding and subtracting. It makes learning the subject of maths more interactive and gives children something fun to concentrate on.


My youngest has recently started primary school so she is in the stages of getting to grips with number recognition and I have to say the brightly coloured numbers on this puzzle have really helped her to focus. Not only are we putting the pieces together we are extending the learning by doing things like getting her to pick out numbers that look the same.

I am a huge fan of learning through play and this is a toy that does just that. And of course not only is it teaching your child/ren about numbers and maths, putting the puzzle pieces together also means that they are being is helped with fine motor skills and problems solving. Who knew a simple puzzle could do so much?


The fun illustrations on the puzzle pieces are eye catching and what I found was that as well as putting the numbers together, my youngest two were also making shapes etc and trying to tell a story with the pictures too. And with so many pieces in the box there are an abundance of different combinations to try.


My children and I were all impressed with the Happy Calc puzzle. It allows learning whilst keeping the kids entertained and because of the different numbers and equations it is useful for wide range of ages. Currently priced at $39, it is a little pricey but I'd say it is worth the money.

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