Friday 23 September 2016

The Problem with Hormones

Hormones, we all have them, we all know of them and we all know someone that has been affected negatively by them. These special chemicals are all part of what makes our bodies grow up and let me tell you they've definitely started to make an appearance in my eldest two children and the problem with hormones, one word, attitude!

Those pesky hormones start to make an appearance at the start of puberty, telling the body that it is time for a change, time to begin the transition from child into adult and the trouble comes when they make us act in a way that isn't part of our normal behaviour, the question is how to deal with these periods of shall we say madness?

As a parent I'm terrified as I know what I was like as a child growing up. Things seem to be happening earlier for my 8 year old, already experiencing greasy hair, seeming to get growing pains and sweating more, lucky for her (not for me), her 10 year old sister is going through it at the same time as her.

Now most of the symptoms I can deal with, it's the emotional side of things that has me stumped. My 8 year old is pure attitude, disagreeing with everything I have to say and giving me "the look", then there's my 10 year old, she's always been the quieter one but anything that annoys her, gets her angry, anything and I find her crying.

I find myself constantly at my wits end wondering just how to make things better for both of them, my mum meanwhile sits and laughs telling me that this is pay back for how I was when I was younger, except I'm getting it back twofold. 

What I really want is for my children to feel able to talk to me about how they are feeling, at least then I can try to offer some words of advice but at the moment the only responses I receive are, "I'm fine", "nothing's wrong". This is a part of parenthood that I'm not enjoying as all I want is to help yet I'm left feeling just as lost as they must feel.

I've tried to prepare them, talking to them about the ever so joyous periods that are to come and I'm very open about my body, they are well aware that they will get breasts and will get to wear what my youngest calls boobie bras.

The problem with hormones is that they are so utterly unpredictable, and if these early stages are anything to go by then the teenage years are going to be shall we say interesting. And I suppose it really doesn't matter that I have been through adolescence myself, I'm trying to remember that we all have to make our own mistakes, even if my kids mistakes may make me crazy in the process.

I can see me drinking more wine/gin in the coming years, either that or I'll be sending them up to my mums house, sharing is caring after all! 

So for those of you who are currently going through this or who have been through this in the past do you have any words of wisdom for this exasperated mother?


  1. I am dreading it so much too. I don't have any words of wisdom for you except wine. Lots and lots of wine and I'll be doing the exact same too x

  2. We, hopefully, have a couple of years before it starts to affect my daughter. Hopefully I will remember what it was like myself and be patient with her. Hormones are pretty horrible to be honest! No one likes them! #PoCoLo

  3. My 10 year old daughter is the same along with my nearly 9 year old son (who seems to have adopted the attitude of an 18 year old atm). My daughter storms off, slams doors, screams & shouts then bursts into tears (all this because her 3 year old sister went into her room). The teenage years are going to be a delight. I struggle with my hormones each month(thank you PMT) so, adding More hormones into the mix is hell at times. I much prefer the baby stage lol.

  4. No words of wisdom here... was hoping you'd have some! I'm with you - hoping our girl will open up and talk and not just grunt. Wishful thinking maybe!

  5. Oh dear, it does make you wonder if we were exactly the same doesn't it? And love the sharing is caring approach - good luck. Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo x

  6. Oh Hun I hear ya! BP is 12 and has hormones raging through his body and drives me crazy with his attitude sometimes. All we can do is try and help the best we can but really they need to go through it by themselves. i totally know what you mean though Hun, think I might join you for that drink... ;)
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo


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