Friday 17 March 2017

My Mother's Day Wish List

Mother's Day, it comes around every year and it is a day where mothers should all be celebrated, the mums to be, the mums already bossing it and the mums who sadly are no longer with us. It is a day to celebrate those maternal bonds and the influence mothers have on society.

Now every year I look forward to handmade cards and gifts from my children, I keep each and every one as they are things to cherish forever however this doesn't stop me from wanting things that kids definitely can't afford to buy me.

Here's a small wish list of items that could maybe give some inspiration to those out there wondering what gifts to buy their mums.

Now I had the pleasure of receiving a delivery of flowers from Beards & Daisies at Christmas, I was that impressed that I ordered more flowers for my Nana on her birthday. So I wouldn't mind a bunch of their pink champagne Mother's day flowers delivered to my door.

I've seen a lot of people talking about the idea of hygge, that well known art of creating intimacy, making a comfortable environment. I love the feelings that this can envoke so I'd like to opportunity to make my home just that little more cosy. The bedroom seems like a good place to start and I think I can do this with a little help from Cable & Cotton, I've already been fiddling with colour schemes.

Now parenting can be hard so I'm sure every mum out there would appreciate a bottle of their favourite tipple. I'm drawn to this Bottega Rose Gold set a little because of the gorgeous pink bottle and little bit because it tastes so good!

I've seen Selfish Mother clothing all over the internet for a long time and therefore it had to be on my wish list and the slogan below definitely applies to me! 

As a huge stationery fan this wonderful planner from The Happiness Planner has actually been on my most wanted list for quite some time and even more so with the new colour ways and accessories being introduced. And really what money doesn't like to at least pretend to have their shit together!

What's on your list of desires for Mother's Day, a lie in, a home cooked meal, perhaps diamonds? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I love that notebook and I have the original selfish mother tee on my wishlist. That bottle if wine kooks pretty fabulous xx #pocolo

  2. I love the slefish nother slogan sweatshirts id def live one of those. Its a shame that the kids(and hubbys paying) never get us what wed like! Il get a box of dairy milk again! �� oh well its the thought that counts #PoCoLo pam from

  3. I love Selfish Mother jumpers. I've been wanting one with MAMA on for AAAAGGGGGEEES! Here's hoping. #PoCoLo


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