Wednesday 15 March 2017

Mila & Pheebs Subscription Box Review

I don't think that it is a secret that I am a huge stationery addict, I mean I currently have 4 planners on the go. Now this is another obsession (like my love of books), that I've kindly passed onto my children so when I was asked if I'd like to review one of Mila & Pheebs subscription boxes for kids stationery and activities I wasn't the only one jumping at the chance.


These fantastic boxes can be purchased on a monthly subscription for the low low price of £10 a month, on a 3 month subscription or on a 6 month subscription. Each month you receive your box, through the letter box I might add, no missed post and in them you will receive a brilliant mix of quirky stationery and activities to go alongside them all following a certain theme.


Well this months theme was farmyard animals and can I just say how cute everything inside was. I'll admit to opening up the box and having a sneak peek before the kids came home to see just what was inside and I may have been making a list of the things I wanted to keep, that included the oh so cute cow eraser.



What I liked upon opening the box was that inside the lid there was a list of all the items included and let me say, you get a lot for your money, pencil, crayons, erasers, stickers, colouring sheets and a great mix of activities. Perfect for a rainy day, or those days when you hear the kids repeating, "I'm bored". 



This subscription box gets kids away from technology and back to basics, getting creative and making use of their information. My lot have had a lot of fun making cards which I think may now use for Easter, sticking stickers all over the place, seriously I'm finding them everywhere and becoming inspired from the theme, trying to draw their own farmyard animals as well.



Mila and Pheebs have done a great job of putting together something original that will help parents when it comes to entertaining their children and they've gone one step further with the sibling subscription box, it is an extra £5 but they put in more goodies so that siblings can share without arguing.


The boxes are aimed at primary school children but as you can tell from my excitement I think any age child or even adult would love these boxes. What's included is all good quality and worth well more than the money you are paying. 

If you fancy giving them a try then take advantage of this 10% off code before the end of March, it's


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  1. Aww! What a lovely box...Fab for any stationery addict.
    Never mind the kids. I would be happy with a box like that too x


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