Wednesday 2 August 2017

Mila & Pheebs June Stationery Box

In March this year I was able to review the fantastic Mila & Pheebs stationery subscription box. Filled with kids stationery (ok adults can use it too) and plenty of activities for entertainment, this is a sub box that we all genuinely loved so when I was asked if I'd like to review June's box as well, I couldn't say no now could I.

The theme of this box was Super Safari and what we found as we opened the box was a brightly coloured paper which held all sorts of surprises inside and these included:

Safari Criss Cross
Safari Colouring In Sheets
Lion Eraser (I claimed this one)
Safari Dotty Art
Safari Pencil
Safari Memo Pad
Safari Word-search
Safari Pop Up Pencil
Safari Greetings Cards
Safari Foil Stickers
Parrot Collage Kit
Safari Scissors

As soon as we got inside the box it was a big rush from my girls to claim things as their own. I managed to get my hands on the cute lion eraser and I also grabbed the stickers as they make good rewards when I'm on lunch time duty at the school. My 7 year old had two parties coming up so made use of the greetings cards and turned them into birthday cards.

The theme is a good one as Safari Animals appeal to everyone, boys and girls can enjoy all of the contents. I've said before these boxes are a bargain, at the low price of £10 a month they provide hours of entertainment and are ideal for someone to use individually or like my daughters for sharing and working together to create some great pieces of art.

My youngest set to work on making herself one colourful parrot although I think she ended up with more feathers on her than on the picture itself, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the big gluey mess she'd created but I they do say you know fun has been had when mess is involved.

I think the favourite activity turned out to be the dotty art. From a parent perspective because it took lots of concentration it made the kids quite quiet for a long period of time and normally it is only You Tube can do that! But it also gave them the opportunity to get creative, to think about making patterns, and with the dots being small it focused on the youngest's motor skills too.

I've said before that these boxes are well worth the money you pay for them. Not only are they perfect for rainy days but also ideal when you're stuck at home in the Summer holidays and want something for the children to do that won't cost the earth or won't have them attached to their TVs, phones and tablets. 

And even better than that, Mila & Pheebs provide inspiration because you can take what you've got from the box and use those ideas again. I'm going to buy some more sticky dots and see if we can manage to make some bigger pictures of our own although I'm thinking we'll go off theme and try and imagine up a unicorn.

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