Wednesday 29 November 2017

Think Words Spin Board Game Review

Last week I shared with you my review of Telestrations, a great game from John Adams/IDEAL. This week is the turn of Think Words! The game that asks you to spin it, name it and take it!


A game aimed at anyone aged eight and over, it is what I would describe as a fast paced game that is nice and simple to play, making it the perfect game for all the family to play together.

In the box you receive a spinner, 80 game cards and of course a set of instructions. What stands out about Think Words Spin is that there a huge seven different ways to play it, each just as easy but it keeps the game itself from getting stale.


Although each game is different, the premise is basically the same spin the spinner until it stops, match the colour to the correct letter/category and get shouting out the answer. The game can be played with as little as two players and a maximum of eight players.

This is a game that really puts your brain under pressure, can you think fast? 

After having four children I definitely can't come up the answers as quickly as I'd like and some of the answers shouted out make no sense what so ever but that's what makes the game so entertaining. 


Something else that I like about Think Word Spin is the size of the game, being small, it is ideal to pop in a bag and take out with you, whether that's going round someones house or perhaps travelling on holiday. You can take this laugh a minute game with you where ever you may go.

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