Friday 9 February 2018

Archery, exercise and Planning Ahead #LittleLoves

Here we are, another week almost over and I have to admit I'm quietly pleased with myself that I have managed to stick to writing my #LittleLoves each week, that is a little achievement in itself. I think this is helped in part by the fact that I've been making more of an effort to plan ahead. I'm a person that likes to be organised but with so many things going on for both myself, the husband and the kids I tend to forget an awful lot.

This is where my love of stationery and my adoration of a good old list is really helping me at the moment. My BusyB diary has definitely been my saviour since the start of the year, allowing me to stay on top of things as I am able to write down everyone's bits and pieces in separate columns, I can't be the only one who has previously looked at things they've noted down and thought what the hell does that even say? And the bonus of my newly rediscovered organisation is that I have just a touch more me time which is always needed!


One of my favourite authors happens to be Tijan, not for everyone, it is what I'd describe as being in the genre of young adult but there are the odd scenes that are sexually orientated. Her latest release, Ryan's Bed was something a bit different and like with any of her stories, I read it in one sitting, devouring the words. It is books like these that just allow me to escape the world every so often as I get lost in the novel and oh my god the ending of this one was entirely unexpected and actually made me want to re-read it as it changed the perspective of the tale completely.


Another book that I read and thoroughly enjoyed was A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Bernard. I'm going to write a separate post for this one as I think it deserves a full review. It's one of those books that sticks with you long after you have finished reading it so I have chosen it as my book of the month for February. I now have Sara's other books in my Amazon basket ready to purchase when I get paid at the end of the month.


A television programme that my husband and I have finally got around to watching is McMafia. Did anyone watch it when the BBC showed it earlier this year? Each episode is almost an hour long so I haven't felt the need to binge watch it, its like I need the time to process what has just happened before I continue with the next one but it's definitely worth viewing. Jam-packed with action and drama, it's not my normal choice of show to watch but I'm glad I gave it a go.

Something else that I had the pleasure of watching on Sunday was two of my daughters partaking in some archery training. At the time I was wondering whether it was a wise idea to give them a bow and some arrows to shoot but they seemed to take to it with no problems, well except for shooting past the target and into a chair instead! They've watched their dad doing it so it was really nice that they wanted to join in with his hobby, gives them an activity to be able to do together and gets them away from You Tube!


I must have an alright ear for music because a lot of the songs that I have been listening to lately were on channel 4's Sunday Brunch playlist last week. One song I've literally been playing on repeat happens to be another Justin Timberlake song, this time it is a duet call Say Something. It's one of those tunes that just comes across as powerful with lyrics that get you thinking as you sing along to them.

One of my other favourite songs to listen to right now is a remixed Bruno Mars song, finesse. I mean who can resist a bit of Bruno Mars? He just has a vibe about him that automatically has you getting up and dancing.

I'm one of these people that once I like a song I tend to play it over and over for a few weeks before I get bored of it and move onto something else but I'll then come back to these songs when my iPod throws them out in shuffle. I've been trying to put together a new workout playlist this week (I'm going to attempt to get out running again) and I can't actually decide what should be on there so any suggestions would be gratefully received.


When I'm not at work I've recently decided that I love nothing better than wandering around in leggings and exercise bras, they are the highest of comfort and seen as I am exercising 5 days out of 7 they are like my home uniform of late. My favourite pair of leggings have to be new ones from Hunkemoller. For someone who used to despise the colour pink, I seem to have done a complete u-turn in the last couple of years as its a shade that pops up often in my wardrobe now.

I also love all of the workout gear from Primark, not only because of the price although that is a huge factor but also because of its comfort and there's the fact that I can fit into the kids range too, hooray for being small as it means I can squeeze into age 13-14, this is also makes buying clothing in there even cheaper!


My ten year old got bought a baking set for her birthday a couple of weeks ago but we've all been so busy, on catch up from when we were poorly so she only just found the time to bake the cupcakes. What I love is that she's able to do it all by herself now, the only thing she can't do is turn the oven on as ours is a gas oven so it can be tricky to use. Even better there were six cup cakes which meant one for each of us.

I've now got to start thinking about making another birthday cake as it's the seven year old's birthday next week and she has requested a rainbow unicorn cake. I love making homemade cakes but I do wish they'd pick something slightly simpler on occasion. Although having made a rainbow cake a couple of years ago I at least know how much time I need in order to get it made without rushing. I've actually cheated on the unicorn part and bought props to stick in the cake well if they turn up in time, fingers crossed.

And lastly....

With half term now upon us I have been trying to make plans for what to do with my brood next week. Holidays can be so expensive can't they so I'm hoping the weather holds out so we can at least have days out at the park so that I'm not having to spend too much money. What does everyone else have planned for the school holidays, are you staying at home or going away? Any inspiration you'd care to share in the comments below would be more than welcome. 


  1. I have some pj's from Hunkemoller and I love them! Would you believe that we are in February and I still haven't go around to buying a diary or a calendar - what kind of blogger am I? Have a great weekend and a fab half term, we still have another week of school. #littleloves

  2. Yay for half term, but yes they can be so expensive! Hope you find lots of fun things to do that don't break the bank. I am always in awe of how much you manage to read in a week! Enjoy your weekend xx

  3. I am intrigued by both of the books you have mentioned, neither are authors that I have heard of before. Have a fun half term x #LittleLoves

  4. I really enjoyed McMafia, I think they've set it up for another season with that ending.
    Hope you're surviving half term! xx

  5. Everyone needs a bit of pink in their wardrobe! I've not heard of Tijan but sounds like an interesting read, might have to look them up. #littleloves


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