Saturday 10 February 2018

Getting Organised With BusyB

Last year I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of BusyB's ambassadors for the year ahead. As well as being gifted some wonderful stationery, it also means that I get to share what I think about them with all of you guys, you'll get to see their latest product collections and get a real insight into the 'oh so clever' features that they have to offer. This month it's time to get organised with their new and improved pretty range.

Included in this range are diaries to delight you, pens to keep writing those all important lists and of course plenty of accessories which will fit into anyone's busy lives and keep them on track for each month of the year. You'll find it hard to resist as there as some gorgeous pastel shades with hints of gold and beautiful floral patterns that give each item a very elegant look. Because lets be honest the stationery should be as stylish as its owner!

This month I was kindly sent: Mid Year Busy Life Diary, Mini Sticky Notes and Password Book


I can already highly recommend their mid-year diary as I've already owned two of them. Dated August to August, there are 13 months ready to be filled in. With week to week view, my favourite part is that there are two pages for every week. A dual schedule means you can have one side for day to day goings on and one side for more work related tasks and reminders.

There's a pocket at the end of each month to keep paperwork, notes or perhaps invitations and a slot at the back of the diary to slot in those mini sticky notes, keeping them handy whenever needed. The diary is the perfect size for popping into your handbag so you never need forget anything ever again, ok you might if you have a memory like me but its a step in the right direction anyway.


My favourite item this month has to be the password book. Lets be honest with the world of social media and everything being on the internet, I can't be the only one with an abundance of usernames and passwords to remember. Even my husband expects me to remind of his ones too, that's a lot of numbers, letters and symbols to keep stored. This discreet little book is most definitely the solution to that problem.

Not tiny but compact, it is the ideal size to hide somewhere, in a desk drawer or in a pocket of your bag. Wherever you decide to stash it, it could be the answer to keeping your online life just as organised as your day to day life. It allows you to write down the website, username and password and it's even done in alphabetical order with certain pages for certain letters (oh they know me so well!). With no recognisable writing on the front people with have no idea what your little book is for.


Whatever your organisational problem, BusyB have you covered because they want your busy lives to be beautifully organised. Keep an eye out for future blogs, especially if you're planning a wedding as they also have a stunning new wedding range coming in the Spring. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing BusyB will have a range to make sure everything you need is perfectly remembered.

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