Wednesday 7 February 2018

Getting Strong not Skinny With Hunkemoller

Since the new year I have been making a conscious effort to be more active and to step up my exercise routines. Not in a bid to lose weight, no I just want to be as healthy as I can be and part of that means working out. I'm in the mind set of strong not skinny and that's why this year I've decided to incorporate more weights into my routines and my goal now is to increase the weights that I can lift throughout the year.

Of course part of exercising means wearing appropriate clothing. I've come to realise that there is nothing more comfortable than a pair of leggings and an exercise bra. No horrible underwire digging into your ribs and elasticated waist bands that are more than forgiving when your body betrays you and decides to make it look like you are carrying around a food baby inside of your stomach ( I can't be the only one that looks 6 months pregnant after eating certain foods?).

On top of that trying to lift weights can be tricky at the best of times but when your hands get sweaty it makes it even harder to pick them up correctly and seen as it is important to keep good form, I don't want any injuries now do I, this means also investing in some good accessories too. The thing is I'm also one of these people that like my accessories to match what I'm wearing, even if no-one else is watching me while I exercise.


I was recently sent a couple of items from Hunkemoller's limited edition Doutzen Kroes sports collection, DK1985. I chose a pair of leggings and a set of training gloves. Honestly, the leggings are now my absolute favourite to wear when getting sweaty doing another HIIT workout. With a range of leggings, tops, bras, dresses in neutral blacks and greys and stylish pastel pink shades, even water bottles to keep up hydration. This collection is perfect for wearing any time whether for urban sports or street wear.


Even when working out, it is nice to stay stylish and this range of clothing is the perfect way to take you from the gym to out for lunch dates straight after. And lets be honest what better way to motivate you to exercise than getting to wear outfits like these. The neutral tones and colour blocked designs give a lovely slimming look. What you get are items that are both practical and fashionable at the same time.


What I discovered after wearing the leggings and the gloves was that the items are indeed great for working out in. The material moves with ease as I continued through an exercise routine and they are true to size. I had a better grip on my weights which made for a much safer workout as well. My only problem being a petite person was that the leggings were on slightly on the long side but being black at the bottom I could roll them up a touch and to anyone else looking you'd never know the difference.


Over all I was more than impressed, reasonably priced and modern, a good choice for anyone, whether you like to exercise or simply live for comfort. I think the only suggestion I have is to expand the range with more colourways as I know pink isn't everyone's favourite colour so perhaps other colours added in would entice more people to purchase the collection. 


  1. I think half the battle when working out is feeling good in your active wear. When I did keep fit I wouldn't be very motivated if I had sagging leggings and my husbands t-shirt on. Your new gear looks like it is stylish and great quality #pocolo

  2. I really struggle to find good fitting workout clothes but I agree, leggings and a bra is the perfect combo! I've just started HIIT workouts again and like you I am doing it to be healthier and stronger #pocolo

  3. Great mantra and good looking workout gear - thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo


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