Monday, 30 November 2020

Read With Me 2020 #49

 Hello there.

Welcome to this weeks Read With Me.

I'm making the decision that from the end of this year I will no longer run the Read With Me linky via the blog. There has been less and less interaction and if I'm honest it takes time thinking about setting this up every week. 

I don't want to miss your posts though so I'd really like it if you could share your book reviews with me via Twitter so that I can read them and also RT so others can find them too.

For now my favourite post last week came from Story Snug with their review of Can You Find Santa Pants?

On to the link up. If you'd like to know more about this linky do visit my Read With Me page. For all regular linkers you know the drill, max of two posts and please make the effort to comment on others. You can of course share my badge below:

Read With Me
Happy reading.


  1. So sorry to hear that you are stopping the linky, but that is totally understandable. It will be missed!

  2. Thank you for the Story Snug shoutout Chantelle - Can You Find Santa's Pants is hilarious :)

    Sorry to hear that you are stopping #ReadWithMe but I totally understand. I was just thinking this weekend that there were so many more linkies when I started blogging, maybe people are doing other things instead now?

  3. Ditto, sorry to hear. I think probably people are doing Bookstagram rather than Book linky, but I haven't really got the hang of Bookstagram myself yet


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