Thursday 15 April 2021

The Making of Robert Moony by Jane Gilley Blog Tour

 Sometimes when it comes to reading, you need something short and sweet.

A book that can lift your spirits without having to overly concentrate on lots of details, characters to remember, locations to memorise.

Jane Gilley has managed to do just that with her novel, The Making of Robert Mooney.


Robert has no friends. His mother invited herself to stay with him for a few months and has never left. He hates his job and is beginning to wonder what life REALLY has in store for him.

But a shocking act of mistaken identity is about to change Robert’s life forever, proving that friends can be found in the most unlikely of places . . .

Honestly this story was just what I needed to be reading right about now.

It is comedic and uplifting in its delivery and when I reached the end I was smiling inside and out.

We follow Robert Moony as he goes from a sort of loner who lives with his mum, someone who in the beginning lacks confidence and an element of get up and go.

This is a tale about a man who perhaps hasn't had a real chance to grow up as he'd like and he is finally finding himself after years spent under his overpowering mother's shadow.

What follows is hilarious because honestly, it seems so unlikely. 

Yet what transpires provides a platform for Robert to change his life in the most bizarre of ways.

From a wrongful kidnapping, an unexpected but welcomed friendship and the chance meeting of a woman who could actually be 'the one'. A situation, that in the beginning could have gone terribly wrong turns out to be a real blessing in disguise.

I can honestly say that I was smiling the whole time I was reading this story.

The Making of Robert Moony is a hopeful tale that shows us that no matter how stuck in a rut you might be, life is always there for the taking!

Now if you like the sound of this novel then you can buy it now. However if you'd like to hear a bit more about Robert then you can of course follow the rest of the blog tour:


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